About BlastOff

Necessity - The Mother of All Inventions

The BlastOff range of abrasive cabinets was born out of an automotive engineer’s sheer frustration as he struggled to find a competent, professional commercial operator capable of bead blasting his classic and vintage car parts.

When collecting one particular finished job, he discovered that several irreplaceable components had been lost.

This was the last straw for our man, who immediately set about finding an alternative.

So … he decided to buy his own abrasive cabinet.

After researching the options, it became more than apparent that the only commercially available blast cabinets suited to the task called for a substantial volume of air … only available from larger capacity 415 volt compressors.

Unfazed and focussed, our tenacious engineer closely studied the commercial offerings … and immediately saw areas for improvement.

He then set about building his own unit …
and the result is today’s range of

For the home workshop … if you’re spending countless hours cleaning, scraping and sanding paint and rust off parts and components for your current project … we have the solution. Call us on 1800 898 856 NOW! 

For all commercial and industrial applications … surface preparation and cleanliness are of paramount importance … if the products or components you manufacture are either painted or powered coated.

If you are currently outsourcing the above preparatory process … we have the solution. Call us NOW on 1800 898 856 to discuss your requirement.

Every industry has a leader.  

BlastOff Abrasive Cabinets have the lowest air requirements within the industry be sure to quote your compressor size when ordering, and we will provide the most efficient air jet/nozzle combination for your needs.

Benefit from factory prices
… buy direct from the manufacturer and save.

Let our innovative air design  save you money and time.