Dust Extractor

BlastOff Abrasive Cabinets pioneered the use of HEPA filtered dust extractors in Australia for the abrasive blasting industry.

HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Accumulator and the filter is capable of trapping 99.97% of dust particles, down to a minuscule 0.3 of a micron.

As a comparison, one micron is equivalent to 1/300th the diameter of a human hair … and many vacuum filters are only capable of capturing particles larger than 5 microns.

As part of BlastOff’s 21st Anniversary celebrations, for a limited time we are offering a bonus HEPA dust extractor … absolutely FREE with every abrasive cabinet we sell.

The dust extractor has a washable fabric pre-filter and a pleated HEPA filter. It is capable of pulling an enormous 150 cfm of dusty air with its powerful 1400W motor.

This will ensure maximum visibility within the cabinet during blasting operations and also ensure that only clean, dust free air is expelled into your home garage or workshop environment.

Every industry has a leader …
BlastOff Abrasive Cabinets.