Sandblasting Cabinets

Engine block after cleaning in our sandblasting cabinet Gear set before and after abrasive blasting in our sandblaster cabinet

Efficiency at Work …


The Before and After.


The images to the right provide an indicative feel for the high quality results you can achieve when using a BlastOff abrasive cabinet to sandblast almost any imaginable automotive or industrial part or component. A sandblasting cabinet is a necessity in any workshop undertaking restoration or manufacturing requiring items undergo surface preparation.

The process is environmentally safe allowing you to remove paint, carbon, rust and other surface contaminants fast and easy, in a contained, controlled environment, without the use of hazardous toxic chemicals.

The results speak for themselves.

Click on each image to enlarge, and view the before and after examples in more detail.

The BlastOff Commercial Cabinet
Commercial Sandblasting Cabinet

A heavy duty sandblasting cabinet for the home workshop, auto electrician or other commercial environment. Has a blast chamber measuring an ample 950mmW x 710mmD x 710mmH

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The BlastOff Industrial Cabinet
BlastOff Industrial Sandblaster Cabinet

One of the most popular snadblaster cabinet models in our range the BlastOff Industrial Cabinet features a blast chamber measuring 1200mmW x 710mmD x 810mmH

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The BlastOff King Cabinet
BlastOff King Sandblaster Cabinet

With a huge blast chamber the BlastOff King Cabinet is perfect heavy duty work loads. Features doors on both sides and a blast chamber measuring a whopping 1200mmW x 850mmD x 1050mmH

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The BlastOff Maxi Cabinet
The BlastOff Maxi Sandblasting Cabinet

The BlastOff Maxi Cabinet is our largest sand blasting cabinet and features dual workstations, large windows, doors on both ends and a blast chamber measuring 1500mmW x 710mmD x 810mmH

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About Our Sandblasting Cabinet Range

You can use our sandblasting cabinet for many surface preparation purposes including cleaning various metal items for restoration purposes removing paint, corrosion such as rust, built up carbon, paint and other residues not easily removed by other means. Our cabinets provide a safe and contained environment for you to undertake this work in a manner that filters dust and abrasives through a HEPA filtered dust extractor saving you and/or your employees from being exposed to airborne toxic particles. This HEPA filtering extracts particles down to .3 microns from the air compared to other dust extraction systems that only extract particles down to 7 microns. Our cabinets all comply with the Safe Work Australia Abrasive Blasting Code of Practice allowing them to be safely used in your workshop or manufacturing environment.

Because we know that home workshops simply don’t have 3-phase power and many commercial workshops don’t have air compressors that can deliver 30 cfm or more (a lot of air volume) we have developed sand blasting nozzles that can deliver great results with limited air volume (down to 8 cfm or 227L/min). We recommend our medium airflow nozzle for use in commercial environments as this will deliver great results without having to invest in delivering a large volume of air to the cabinet. Our King and Maxi cabinets can be supplied with our high airflow sandblaster nozzle which is suitable for workshops with an air compressor that can deliver 30 cfm or more.

Our sand blasting cabinet range is manufactured on the Central Coast NSW just north of Sydney and can be delivered anywhere in Australia. We have engineered and sourced the highest quality components for our cabinets and each sandblaster cabinet is tested to our high standards.


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